Is It The Time to change your digital Agency?

We often inquire and think what is the right time to change a digital agency.

During our many Consulting sessions where we help many businesses grow and monetize their B2B and B2C marketing efforts.

As a matter of fact, according to a survey that was being done for business owners in the US more than 61% of business owners plan to review their marketing strategies and efforts.

We tend to hear a lot of concerning things like “Not knowing where their marketing budget goes”, “Lack Of sufficient results” and even “digital Agency asks for more money in order for them to deliver results”

We here at Mesolazyy Media do NOT play that game and believe that a marketing digital agency and businesses owner should go hand in hand towards their Business Goals TOGETHER.

Here are our guidelines for choosing the RIGHT digital agency

Rule number 1) Transparency

Your agency should regularly update you on your campaign performance, trends, budget spend, additional costs, etc. For the better or the worst

From the same survey, 48% of advertisers claimed agencies were not transparent about costs, which led to 34% losing trust in their agencies.

Conversely, you should also be open with your agency, as communication can impact agency performance. A large percentage of advertisers said that they DO NOT give agencies meaningful key performance indicators (48%) or share sales data (40%) to help agencies be successful.

Are you sharing the right information with your agency? Otherwise, how will reach a level where your traffic is going to be optimized and you pay less for clicks and conversions?

Rule Number 2)  Goals

After you have communicated your most important companies goals, your digital agency should be able to establish realistic performance metrics, strategies and deadlines. If it is consistently unable to meet goals, then it should know how to make adjustments to goals and methodologies.

Does your digital agency Meet the goals you have set up for them?

Rule Number 3) Strategize

Are you part of the game? or you just waiting for the coach to summon you?

You hired your agency for its employee expertise, and you should get it. Your agency should be sitting down with you quarterly or yearly to discuss strategy for the following 12 months. Its input should be considered on both the strategic and tactical levels. If you do not have faith in your agency’s ability to think strategically, then you should be looking for an agency that CAN.

After we went over a few examples

Here’s a short quiz that would help you figure out is it the time to change your digital agency?

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What is a “Brand”?

There’s been an everlasting myth and confusion circulating about the word “Brand”

What is a “Brand”? How can you create a “Brand”? How do I know that I have a “Brand”? Can I make more money if I have a brand? and if so when do I know that I have a “Brand?”

In this blog post we are going to cover:

  • What is a brand?
  • What are the efforts needed to create a “Brand?”
  • What do successful business owners have in mind when they are creating a powerful brand?

During many of our consulting sessions with company owners, we are always building the “Heart and soul” that powers the business which is called the “Brand”.

There are 2 types of businesses

  1. Make Money BusinessA Business that was created and funded by its owner with the sole purpose of increasing revenue and generating “Quick” profits for the business owner. Without a long-term vision, this type of businesses does not see the importance of having a legacy and an impact rather than that focuses on numbers and ROI.
  2. Passion Business A business that was created and funded by its owner with a sole purpose to feed his passion for change and for creating a powerful impact on his respected industry. This type of business does not really see the importance of increasing ROI and revenue streams. rather than that he focuses on putting his heart and soul into his business hoping it will be enough for him to get through the month. This business usually succeeds in the long run because of persistence, and owner’s drive.

Not judging anyone. We believe both attitudes are crucial in creating a strong lasting powerful “Brand”. A business MUST be profitable in order to survive the competition. and must deliver a message that will make an impact and will resonate with the user and customer they are trying to acquire.

We believe that users and customers always purchase “Brands” and not products. Sure, your product MUST be good enough and cater to your customer’s needs. However, consumers tend to buy what they WANT rather than NEED.

So who really needs branding? and what is it?

A brand is the heart and soul of the company. A “brand” is what people think about you or your business. A “Brand” is an emotion and the margin of how much they are willing to pay for that emotion. If at least one person in this universe is currently thinking about you or your product – Congratulations, You have a Brand. It is at that moment that your brand no longer belongs to you it belongs to your customers, Consumers, People who think about your brand.

Companies are using Brands in order to set themselves apart from the competitors. it is simply an instrument for competition.

Price VS Value 

Price:  if you build your brand around “Price” you need to be a large scale retail company who can optimize their branding and marketing expenses due to their large volumes. Therefore, Compete and justify its own worth. However, Price is competing for the right to be hungrier than your competitor. We here at mesolazyy millennial media are not willing to play that game.

A famous quote says that to be successful in the modern game of marketing and branding you should:

  • Think like a Marketer
  • Act like an I.T.
  • Behave like a comedian

Think like a Marketer – Always be innovative and think about creating ways to help fuel your day-to-day business efforts.

Act like an I.T. – Always think about the easiest most cost efficient solution for your businesses problem while staying up to date with your industry’s trends and updates.

Behave like a comedian – Do never be afraid of exposing yourself and get negative feedback rather than that leverage that to create positive motivation for your working staff.

ValueIf you build a brand that is built on value your efforts goes towards building a brand that is rather than competing on purely economic terms, A brand that competes based on the degree to which their benefits make their customers happy.

Brand benefits refer not necessarily to the features the product has, but rather the outcomes from the brand acquisition or use that meet customers’ needs, wants, and goals, as human beings. This holds true regardless of whether these humans are occupying the role of B2C customers, B2B customers, sports and or celebrity fans, or targets of nonprofit marketers. Our perspective on customer value is both novel and parsimonious. Specifically, A brand that is built on value identifies three broad classes of benefits that underlie human happiness: benefits that enable, benefits that entice, and benefits that enrich customers.

What is a Brand and how to create the right attitude towards your “Brand”

Brand is a business tool and a non-physical asset from a business perspective a brand is something that can be sold but what could be sold? Future business revenues, Ideas, Ventures.

A Brand is an answer to the question “How are you different from the competition? And why should I pay more for your services when there are so many great people out there?

It is the idea of “Why and “How” you are different from the competition. When the business owner has the answer to this question his life becomes much easier. Because this is when your brand becomes an instrument to attract talents, your brand becomes an instrument to create motivation for employees. Your Brand becomes an instrument for innovation because you constantly need to think what YOU have that the others lack.


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How to say “NO” and stay alive

How to say “No” and still be alive


In this time and age where it seems like there’s always more jobs than working people, and more demands and less supply for the more appealing jobs it seems like there are more and more people working just to “Make ends meet” or “just because they don’t want to be home” and the gaps between millennials and baby boomers grow every day and each blames the other for the lack of motivation.

In this article, we are going to cover how to say “NO” and still be alive. This article is going to both help you on the professional level and personal level since the two apparently seem to relate 😉

By the year 2025, 75% of all jobs will be occupied by millennials (which is people who were born between 1989-1995) the millennials character is a lot different than our parent’s characters. As people who grow with conservative parents who grew on “You should work until you die and get educated” mentality. Their children tend to be more not happy with their careers and tend to always feel “dissatisfied” and “not fulfilled” by their careers and day to day life.

Baby boomers are people who were born between 1940’s and 1964 and they are known as the “post-war” children, they are the children of the “silent era” which believed heavily in career over personal achievement, and that speaking your mind is dangerous.

We can see that with time our parents and our new generation tend to be more and more liberal and acceptance while breaking social barriers and taboos on a daily basis.

And it shows in career choices as well as millennials and more people from different generations want to choose a job that will make them feel “fulfilled”

So how to choose the right job?

  • Money or happiness? You should ask yourself: if money was not an issue anymore and all the jobs in the world would pay the absolute same. What would I be doing?
  • Jealous much? Connect to those moments that you sit at home and envy that one particular person that you wish you were at his spot. What line of work does he do? Could you do it better?
  • OMG, I hate it. Define to yourself what is that you hate about your current position or previous place of work? Was it vibes? The position itself? Industry? Responsibilities?
  • I am a C.E.O. of a noodle company where we eat noodles all day – avoid looking at job titles and write to yourself a list of the things that you would like to do on a daily basis. It could be tasks; it could be things you would enjoy doing or even skills.

So how to say no? and get out of alive? Well, isn’t that a great question?

Steve Jobs used to say “The Art of focusing is about saying NO”

Turning down offers or saying “NO” Is currently one of world biggest phobias and it comes from either:

  1. A) Fear of disappointing someone you care about or someone in a position of power (example: Boss at work or future employer)
  2. B) Fear of conflict

Fear is always going to be a factor and it is one of the most powerful triggers to action we as humans have.

To say no and get out of alive you need to

  1. Start positive– Show appreciation and point out the good things and things you were impressed about in the job interview or the position

(For example: Thank you for the interview and the kind words yesterday, I was very impressed with the organization and your level of professionalism)

    2. Be Genuine – Give a brief honest reason as to you why you’re not moving forward with the job offer while not giving away too much information

(For example: “After a very careful consideration I have decided not to move forward and to go forward with a job that would fulfill me more as a VP of operations”

   3. Leave the door open – Be kind and respectful and always leave the door open for future collaborations or in case you will cross paths

(For example: I hope that even though I am not moving forward with the position that was offered me in your company you would leave the door open for me for future references or would consider me for future opportunities since I was very impressed with your organization)

And most importantly just say no, man. I swear it won’t kill you.


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Holy Moly! Understanding the Digital Revolution and we are just in 2017!

Our present world is getting enthralling and enigmatic each day. From individual publishing to smart indicators and data collection systems, from stickers to sophisticated digital printing! Relationships today are being influenced and affected by digital revolution; recent technology has taken time and attention from spouses, families, and friends.

Children now turn to other dangerous vices because their parents do not have time for them. The global impact and widespread usage of the Internet did not beguile the world until the early 90s. However, it safe to say that it has come to stay due to the continuous transformation of our daily lives. It is the use of digital computers, smartphones and the Internet that led to the momentous digital revolution and also the growth of modern digital computers.

Digital Revolution has brought about changes to a better future.  It marks the starting point of the Information Era. This transformation can have principal impact civilizations, economies, and humanity in diverse ways. The prevailing advancement of computer technology simulated the progress of internet globally, hence, making technology an integral axis for broadly redefining digital technology.

Over the years, the interaction between individuals and various establishments experienced a revolutionary change, consequently modifying technology from analog into a digital format. This is good because information transfer and exchange rate improved greatly.

The Internet has offered mankind with several benefits such as powering the building of public highways, payment of bills, lettering of voucher/tickets, and keeping close contact with loved ones via email.

The Internet promises to bridge the gap between the rich and poor alongside first and third world countries. Nonetheless, poverty is prevailing in the third world and these developed countries are not paying attention. Even if big corporations’ offers internet service to everyone, dictatorship governments still prevent easy access to desirable information. Hence, the digital revolution is way more than just technological advancement. It also involves how we add value to our lives both in government and individual levels; hence creating ingenious ways of working and interacting together.

Effects of digital evolution on society
The changes in digital communication technology today has speedily brought new are technologies. The vital technologies we have today will keep on progressing beyond 2017. This digital advancement will have a great effect on every individual’s work pattern. A considerable amount of People who work will greatly rely on the Internet to carry out their daily work schedules effectively.
Digital evolution has profusely alleviated the intricacies of individual schedule. Before the evolution, a lot of tasks will require a trip to the shopping mall, banks e.t.c, but not today, We can now access news and entertainment from anywhere no matter the time because there is always a digital device in almost every home.

No matter how impactful and effective digital revolution, some jobs will be rendered outmoded. When it comes to replacement, two trends need to be considered. First of all, a well-defined case where a prevailing job is basically replaced by a computer or robot. Secondly, where an organization delegate a specific task to a digital company, hence, leading to job loss. In order to bridge the digital divide for universal continuity, it is imperative for physical contiguity for services such as conversion, transcription or certain pattern tasks.

Three years from now, the whole human race is anticipated to have internet access. The effects of such new way of life known as the digital ecosystem will impact human life greatly and we better prepare for It! It offers students a clearer and better vision of the world they live, study and work; they will be exposed diverse trends of technology.

For Packaging industries
Packaging designers are utilizing these digital technologies. Research shows that by the year 2025, packaging companies are set to make $6 trillion dollars in profits. Packaging machinery engineers are already taking advantage of the colossal amount of information from present day smart sensors to enhance packaging performance.

Also, successful beverage brands like Coca-Cola, have utilized digital printing to build prosperous personalized packaging campaigns.

Web Browsing
By 2020, over 25 percent of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen, rather “voice-first” interactions will be used. This will alleviate the need to use human physical attributes like the hands and eyes for browsing. Three years from now, digital evolution will provide a platform where we can access any information while driving, running, interacting, and exercising. Hence, increasing prompt access to online resources.

Health Care
The cost of health care by 2020 will be reduced by 40 percent with the availability of digital devices like health fitness tracker. This is incorporated in firms where manager’s partners with human resource team to include fitness trackers in wellness programs. Health care providers can use this means to save lives and cut costs by analyzing the data from the fitness trackers. Wearable displays ample data to be examined by healthcare professionals.

The world has practically transformed into global Village. The use of digital technology has greatly improved the productivity of countries and social agencies, hence making the world a more vying place to survive.

The digital revolution is focused on how people view the transformation, for the human race is responsible for stimulating any sort of transformations. To maintain sustainability, organizations need to keep track and get updates on how it evolves so everyone has equal opportunity of participating and achieving goals

The Internet is an integral part of the Information Age, and with an outburst of wireless connection in the early 21st century, we can say everything and everyone is now totally connected, although, with diverse levels of disparity in bandwidth, efficacy, and cost!

Digital revolution has boosted new forms of communication by strengthening the economy. Users now have access to information through different methods, like mobile internet, cloud-based technology, big data, robotics, and other digital technologies

As digital transformation continues to increase, it also needs a revolution for it to work. Conclusively, the digital revolution has created a path for communication and teamwork resulting in fewer impediments for innumerable organizations.

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The Fear of a new nation?


Seeing the world as it is really makes you raise a few eye brows. i mean little before we knew it emotions became “Emoji”, Send me an SMS became “Just whatsapp me” photo albums are open for the mass public through “Instagram”. Taxi stations are found through an “GetTaxi” or “Uber” App. and to makes things worse we have a president that channels his deepest thoughts on Twitter, Geez.

The technological revolution happens every minute, every second as we blink our eyes a new product emerges to fix the burden of even speaking to someone that doesn’t speak our language (See Google’s new product:

It is absolutely insane, and we are following the beat of the drummer which for today is: Google, Amazon and apple. The big 3 (Jordan, Pippen and Rodman)

All this 3 companies combined has a net worth of over trillion dollar combined! which can cure Cancer and many other terrible things.

Our main goal here at mesolazyy is to make sure that your life will be easier and more efficient one task at at time.

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