How to say “No” and still be alive


In this time and age where it seems like there’s always more jobs than working people, and more demands and less supply for the more appealing jobs it seems like there are more and more people working just to “Make ends meet” or “just because they don’t want to be home” and the gaps between millennials and baby boomers grow every day and each blames the other for the lack of motivation.

In this article, we are going to cover how to say “NO” and still be alive. This article is going to both help you on the professional level and personal level since the two apparently seem to relate 😉

By the year 2025, 75% of all jobs will be occupied by millennials (which is people who were born between 1989-1995) the millennials character is a lot different than our parent’s characters. As people who grow with conservative parents who grew on “You should work until you die and get educated” mentality. Their children tend to be more not happy with their careers and tend to always feel “dissatisfied” and “not fulfilled” by their careers and day to day life.

Baby boomers are people who were born between 1940’s and 1964 and they are known as the “post-war” children, they are the children of the “silent era” which believed heavily in career over personal achievement, and that speaking your mind is dangerous.

We can see that with time our parents and our new generation tend to be more and more liberal and acceptance while breaking social barriers and taboos on a daily basis.

And it shows in career choices as well as millennials and more people from different generations want to choose a job that will make them feel “fulfilled”

So how to choose the right job?

  • Money or happiness? You should ask yourself: if money was not an issue anymore and all the jobs in the world would pay the absolute same. What would I be doing?
  • Jealous much? Connect to those moments that you sit at home and envy that one particular person that you wish you were at his spot. What line of work does he do? Could you do it better?
  • OMG, I hate it. Define to yourself what is that you hate about your current position or previous place of work? Was it vibes? The position itself? Industry? Responsibilities?
  • I am a C.E.O. of a noodle company where we eat noodles all day – avoid looking at job titles and write to yourself a list of the things that you would like to do on a daily basis. It could be tasks; it could be things you would enjoy doing or even skills.

So how to say no? and get out of alive? Well, isn’t that a great question?

Steve Jobs used to say “The Art of focusing is about saying NO”

Turning down offers or saying “NO” Is currently one of world biggest phobias and it comes from either:

  1. A) Fear of disappointing someone you care about or someone in a position of power (example: Boss at work or future employer)
  2. B) Fear of conflict

Fear is always going to be a factor and it is one of the most powerful triggers to action we as humans have.

To say no and get out of alive you need to

  1. Start positive– Show appreciation and point out the good things and things you were impressed about in the job interview or the position

(For example: Thank you for the interview and the kind words yesterday, I was very impressed with the organization and your level of professionalism)

    2. Be Genuine – Give a brief honest reason as to you why you’re not moving forward with the job offer while not giving away too much information

(For example: “After a very careful consideration I have decided not to move forward and to go forward with a job that would fulfill me more as a VP of operations”

   3. Leave the door open – Be kind and respectful and always leave the door open for future collaborations or in case you will cross paths

(For example: I hope that even though I am not moving forward with the position that was offered me in your company you would leave the door open for me for future references or would consider me for future opportunities since I was very impressed with your organization)

And most importantly just say no, man. I swear it won’t kill you.


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