Seeing the world as it is really makes you raise a few eye brows. i mean little before we knew it emotions became “Emoji”, Send me an SMS became “Just whatsapp me” photo albums are open for the mass public through “Instagram”. Taxi stations are found through an “GetTaxi” or “Uber” App. and to makes things worse we have a president that channels his deepest thoughts on Twitter, Geez.

The technological revolution happens every minute, every second as we blink our eyes a new product emerges to fix the burden of even speaking to someone that doesn’t speak our language (See Google’s new product: https://store.google.com/product/google_pixel_buds)

It is absolutely insane, and we are following the beat of the drummer which for today is: Google, Amazon and apple. The big 3 (Jordan, Pippen and Rodman)

All this 3 companies combined has a net worth of over trillion dollar combined! which can cure Cancer and many other terrible things.

Our main goal here at mesolazyy is to make sure that your life will be easier and more efficient one task at at time.

Feel free to contact us, and please let us work for you while you sit at the couch

K.- C.E.O. mesolazyy




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  1. hello, I cant agree with you more..these days there are apps and social media with contents for anything and everything, it make me fell like we forget how to enjoy the simple things in life and awerself.
    it would be nice if you can sometimes just take a rest on the couch even if it is for moment to enjoy yourself ..and just let somebody else to handle your staff.

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